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by Andrew Korchagin

Discover how to work with real carbon fiber from any location with an internet connection! Our courses are suitable to both beginners and experts, offering clear instructions, videos, and a comprehensive list of required equipment, tools, and materials for mastering full carbon fiber production and carbon fiber skinning technology.


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Carbon fiber skinning is a process used to apply a layer of carbon fiber to a surface, often to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Carbon fiber skinning is popular among enthusiasts looking to customize and upgrade their parts with a sleek and modern look.

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Production of full carbon parts involves making a mold and vacuum infusion stage. The end product is a stunning looking, lightweight, durable part used in industries like cars manufacturing, cars tuning, aerospace and sporting goods.

My name is
Andrew Korchagin

founder and senior engineer of True.Carbon team

I am a highly qualified carbon fiber engineer with a master’s degree in aviation and rocket science. With 6 years of experience in automotive manufacturing, I have gained the knowledge and expertise to take on any challenge in this field. As the proud owner of a carbon fiber workshop, I have successfully completed more than 50 carbon fiber projects. Over 100 students from all over the world. You can be confident that I have the skills to deliver high-quality work and achieve outstanding results.

Reviews for "basic course"

I’m very satisfied with the course. It has helped me a lot. 



 I took this carbon fiber lamination course and it was seriously great. Andrew knows his stuff and the course was totally hands-on, which was super cool. The materials were easy to understand, so it was all good. If you’re thinking about getting into carbon, I’d definitely recommend checking this course out.



Great customer service, thankful for the helpful tips and fast response. You explain everything in detail from A-Z. You personally are very helpful plus the course itself. Really great guy to top it off 💯



The course was probably the best investment I‘ve done for myself, definitely would miss a lot of critical information that YouTube alone didn’t tell me. Being in the course and watching the videos answered many of my unanswered questions, I’m pretty confident in my work now and I even might have all the steps memorized.



I already did lamination before entering the course but the quality of my parts was very bad. After watching the videos I understood that I had a lot of mistakes. The information was easy to understand and Andrews always answered all my additional questions which was very helpful. 




Of course. 

We all started from the beginning. 

Even if you never hold a tool in your hands. 

I have some guys at the coursewho never tried skinning before and they are full of enthusiasm. 

And they already have fantastic results. 

Passion is the most important. 

When you watch the video it’s easy to understand what’s happening

All videos have scripts and you can easily translate them into your

native language. 

All video tutorials are recorded so you can take your time watching them. What’s more, the access to the videos is limitless so you can watch them as many times as needed. 

All my teaching programs are online. You can study from any place in the world with an internet connection. You get access to video tutorials and watch them any time it’s convenient to you.

We all live in different countries.

And the possibility that we have the same brands is very small.

I can’t really tell – use this brand of resin!

There are a lot of good brands. 

The best advice would be to call the suppliers of resin in your region and consult the technologist.

These guys will tell you about the characteristics of resin and which one would be the best for your needs. 

You can always make an order from my workshop in personal messages at any social media we use – Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp.

Contact us any convenient way