Basic course of Full carbon parts

Production of full carbon parts involves making a mold and vacuum infusion stage. The end product is a stunning looking, lightweight, durable part used in industries like cars manufacturing, cars tuning, aerospace and sporting goods.

This course is for

  • Beginners

If you are interested in mastering the craft of creating full carbon parts and earn money.


  • Workers and owners of car repair shops, detailing centers and tuning studios

If you want to add full carbon production to your services and attract new customers.


  • Car enthusiasts

Getting involved in full carbon production as a hobby for car enthusiasts can be fulfilling and could open doors to new opportunities.


  • Engineers and designers

Carbon technology provides lightweight, durable, high-performance solutions used in industries beyond cars like aerospace, sports equipment, design, and construction. Its versatility enables innovative designs and increased efficiency in different fields.

Buying the course you get:

  • systematically arranged information
  • video tutorials
  • the list of necessary tools and materials
  • secret tips I use in my work
  • telegram chat support and guides


buying the whole course you will also get:

  • Materials and tools guide in telegram channel
  • Telegram chat support
  • Masterclasses
  • More than $100 discount


How does the study work?

After joining the course, you get access to video tutorials where you will find all the processes shown and explained. The participants of the buying the whole course are added to the Telegram support chat with Andrew and other students where you can ask all questions.

After the course you will be able:

  • Create molds from any master model, even complex ones.
  • Experience working with polyester and epoxy systems for molding purposes.
  • Create carbon parts using the vacuum infusion method.
  • Create fiberglass parts from the same molds with vacuum infusion or hand molding technologies.

Who am I?

My name is Andrew.

I’m a highly qualified carbon fiber engineer with a master degree in aviation and rocket science.

6 years experience in automotive manufacturing.

The owner of a carbon fiber workshop.

More than 50 carbon fiber projects.

Over 100 students from all over the world. 


Of course. 

We all started from the beginning. 

Even if you never hold a tool in your hands. 

I have some guys at the coursewho never tried skinning before and they are full of enthusiasm. 

And they already have fantastic results. 

Passion is the most important. 

When you watch the video it’s easy to understand what’s happening

All videos have scripts and you can easily translate them into your

native language. 

All video tutorials are recorded so you can take your time watching them. What’s more, the access to the videos is limitless so you can watch them as many times as needed. 

All my teaching programs are online. You can study from any place in the world with an internet connection. You get access to video tutorials and watch them any time it’s convenient to you.

We all live in different countries.

And the possibility that we have the same brands is very small.

I can’t really tell – use this brand of resin!

There are a lot of good brands. 

The best advice would be to call the suppliers of resin in your region and consult the technologist.

These guys will tell you about the characteristics of resin and which one would be the best for your needs. 

You can always make an order from my workshop in personal messages at any social media we use – Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp.

Contact us any convenient way