Masterclass of carbon fiber skinning. Preparation and skinning of a steering wheel

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to work with most difficult stages in skinning oem steering wheels: preparation of a steering wheel, creation of clear cut joint for twill and ideal forged pattern.

This masterclass is for you if

  • You know the basic processes of carbon fiber skinning and want to level up your working skill in steering wheels skinning.


  • You already tried steering wheels skinning and faced some problems: cracks which appeared after a while, awfully looking fabric joint.


  • You already work with steering wheel leather design, that video tutorial would be a great addition to the basic skinning course.



  • Preparation of steering wheel for skinning
  • How to avoid thermal compression
  • Facing layer
  • Clear cut joint for twill pattern
  • Creation of forged pattern


The method to create forged pattern without trapped air. It will also suit other small or medium sized parts.

How does the study work?

After joining the masterclass, you get access to a recorded video tutorial where you will find all the processes shown and explained.

After watching you can always ask me any questions connected to masterclass topics.

After this video tutorial you will be able to

  • Prepare the steering wheel for skinning in a right way to avoid thermal compression


  • Create a perfect twill pattern joint  


  • Create stunning forged pattern for your steering wheels design




Who am I?

My name is Andrew.

I’m a highly qualified carbon fiber engineer with a master degree in aviation and rocket science.

6 years experience in automotive manufacturing.

The owner of a carbon fiber workshop.

More than 50 carbon fiber projects.

Over 80 students from all over the world. 





(special price)

For “Carbon fiber skinning basic course” students the price for this masterclass is 99$ (Paypal), 88$(crypto)


Yes, for example, v shaped pattern is often used in making full carbon hoods as the width of the carbon fiber roll is never enough for the width of the standard car hood. 

Both full carbon and laminated parts sometimes need repairing. So you can use my tips for both of these kinds. 

Unfortunatly, no. To apply the techniques from this materclass you need to have the understaning of the basics. I would recommned tp start your way in carbon fiber with my basic course about skinning. 

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