My Way

Short Story

My Way

   Before working with carbon fiber, I spent six years as a quality engineer at Hyundai Motors. Although it was challenging with night shifts and limited free time, I gained a lot of essential skills. While at Hyundai, I noticed hundreds of cars that looked exactly the same.

    I’ve always had a passion for cars and car tuning. I decided to try making my own carbon fiber parts. After watching some YouTube videos, I thought the process seemed simple, given my degree in aerospace crafting. However, the online information was incomplete, and I wasted a lot of money on materials and unnecessary tools.

   Despite this setback, I remained determined to perfect my craft. I tried again and again until I finally found the ideal system for carbon fiber parts production. Now, I have a good income doing what I love and producing high-quality products.


   To help others avoid the struggles I faced, I created teaching programs for carbon fiber parts production. I want everyone to enjoy working with carbon fiber and have confidence in the final result.